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Kashi no ki-en, opening soon!

Kimura Bonsai Garden is beyond thrilled to announce the creation of a space to immerse oneself into the world of bonsai. Like our bonsai it is a work in progress, but will soon be ready to start to welcome visitors through our gates.

We are going to call our new garden "Kashi no ki-en"; the garden of the oaks. When you see the massive oaks trees anchoring the garden you’ll understand why.

We are in the process of building what we hope to be one the finest bonsai garden and education centers in the Los Angeles area.

We have a display area that beckons you to stroll through and explore our collection of fine bonsai. View ancient California Junipers that are hundreds of years old, massive old pines, many juniper, pine, oak and deciduous bonsai. Rest in the shade of one of our massive oaks standing sentry over the bonsai garden, and enjoy peace under their branches.

Our workshop area is set up for classes and workshops where we’ll have a variety of bonsai artists sharing their passion and skill with our students. We’ll have an ongoing series of monthly classes, as well as workshops by visiting bonsai artists from around the world--in part thanks to the California Bonsai Society Visiting Artist program. We’ll also offer the chance to arrange exclusive private workshops for individuals or groups either here at the garden or at your home, business, or space.

We’re currently in the process of re-vamping the website to facilitate the sale of quality bonsai and pre-bonsai material, pots, tools and accessories. We are excited to soon welcome bonsai lovers, be they experts or novices, to Kashi no ki-en!


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