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Robert Pressler: owner

The current president of the California Bonsai Society, Bob studied with a variety of teachers, starting informally as a child with Frank Okamura at the Brooklyn Botanical gardens. Bob moved to California in 1984 where he connected with bonsai artists John Naka, Ben Oki, Harry Hirao and other seminal California Bonsai masters. As their student he expanded his knowledge and skills, giving him the opportunity to share them with others.

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Bob met Kenji Miyata in the year 2000 and has continuously studied with him since 2001. He took over ownership of Kimura Bonsai Garden (Best of Northridge 2018, 2012) in 1996 and has built it into a valued  resource  for experienced enthusiasts and beginners alike. He conducts classes, multiple demonstrations and workshops locally and nationally, and hosts visiting world bonsai experts throughout the year.  Bob’s students range in age from 5 to 93.


Bob hosts bonsai classes for adults, teens, and young children, as well as doing demonstrations, team-building events, workshops,  exhibitions and events to bring the art of bonsai to new eyes.

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