2021-2022 Ongoing Class schedule

Due to the popularity of these classes and size restrictions reservations must be made in advance by calling the nursery at 818 343-4090  or emailing  kimurabonsai64@gmail.com at least two weeks prior to the dates you want. You can book up to 4 classes at one time. 

Classes meet on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month in two sessions. The morning session start at 9:30am and ends at 12 noon. The afternoon session starts at 1pm and ends at 3:30pm.  After June 5th, Sunday classes will be on hiatus for the summer, but Saturday classes will continue (read below).

Each session is 2 1/2 hrs. and costs $30  including the use of tools, soil, wire etc.. Students can bring their own tree or purchase one here. 

Each student will receive expert instruction on whatever seasonally appropriate techniques each tree requires. Because each student has something different there is always a variety of information being given out.

Contact the nursery or keep on eye on the website for info on Visiting Artist workshops with some of the finest bonsai artists in the world.

We are also available for private one on one or small group sessions. Contact the nursery for more details.

We do corporate team events and bonsai birthday parties, contact us for details and planning.

Late Spring and Summer Saturday BYOT (Bring Your Own Tree) schedule

$30 / class


The April Boxwood workshop concluded our transplanting workshops until this October when we will feature our next series.  However, the work is not done!

Beginning Saturday May 14th Michael will be working on Phase 2 of the development process.  If you started a tree during one of Michael’s workshops, now is the time to bring it back for the next look.  Michael will be checking the health, continuing the styling process and most importantly helping you balance the growth habit of your tree.


May 14th – Junipers, broad leaf evergreens and all deciduous trees should return for balanced growth pruning, additional wiring / shaping and health check / feeding.


June 11th – Any deciduous not able to come to the May meeting should come in now, plus this is the earliest time to decandle and needle pull Pines (this is a very important step in Pine development and should not be skipped) we will also continue shaping Junipers and perform the quarterly health check / feeding.


July 9th – this is the last best time to decandle and needle pull Pines (this is a very important step in Pine development and should not be skipped) and perform the quarterly health check / feeding.


August 13th – This is a good month for shaping and balanced growth pruning for any strong growing Junipers, broad leaf evergreens or deciduous trees.  This is also a good month to check / remove wires from trees shaped earlier in the season.


September 10th – this is the final month for trimming and shaping junipers, broad leaf evergreens and deciduous trees in preparation for the dormant season.  We will remove any wire that was placed in the early part of the season, check the health, and maintain the quarterly feeding schedule.

A PDF of this info is available for download here:


All of these workshop dates will need to be booked in advance as “BYOT” (bring your own tree) and will consist of morning 9am – 12pm or afternoon 1pm – 4pm classes.  To insure that everyone gets the same attention, there is a limit of 1 large tree (under 34”) or 2 small/medium trees (under15”), per person per class. Tools and wire will be provided. 


Additionally, for anyone interested in help with any trees that were not included in the original workshop series, Michael is well-versed with all varieties of deciduous trees, broad leaf evergreens and evergreens.  These classes are designed to help you with the growing process, styling, growth balancing, health and feeding concerns.


The cost is $30 and includes the use of tools, necessary wire and expert instruction. As class size is limited, please contact Diana at Kimura Bonsai Nursery to reserve space in advance:    818 343-4090 or email  kimurabonsai64@gmail.com