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Daniel Deephouse Beginner Boxwood Workshop, Part 1 and BYOT Class, November 4th!

Daniel Deephouse returns with the next in his series of Bonsai Classes for Beginners; Boxwood, part one! Learn how to create your own boxwood bonsai including branch selection, styling, wiring and maintenance.This class includes a 5 gallon boxwood for students to style, as well as wire required for styling and loan of tools. November 4th, 9-noon $85 per person - limit 8

Part two will take place on February 3rd. Students from part one will bring back their tree and wire it into a bonsai pot. Class fees include pot, soil, and wire. February 3rd, 9-noon $45 per person - limit 8.

Daniel is very happy to bring bonsai to new eyes through his beginner workshops! These workshops are designed to get you started in bonsai, giving you the knowledge and skills to keep your bonsai happy and healthy; including seasonally appropriate techniques and processes that he has learned across 3 continents in over 40 years.

Daniel will also hold a BYOT class the afternoon of the first Saturday of each month. New students and students from previous workshops can bring in their trees and work with his guidance and input. 1st Saturday of each month, 12:30 to 3. $30 per person - limit 8.

Call the nursery to secure your spot! (818) 343-4090


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