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July 8th Crepe Myrtle Workshop!

Michael Roberts's Saturday July 8th, workshop will be red leaf crepe myrtle! Class runs from 9-12. There are a few spaces left!

Students will receive a 5-gallon, nursery grown 6-7 year old tree with 3/4” trunks and good movement, and will be rough styling and slip potting it into 12”x12”x5" x 1/2” deep grow boxes.

This deciduous red leaf variety has a very nice late summer flush of reddish purple flowers that lasts through September, and will be a beautiful addition to any bonsai garden!

As always, Michael will also conduct an afternoon 1:30-4:30 BYOT class. July is the perfect time to clean and de-candle Japanese Black Pines, as well as clean up and cut back almost all broad leaf evergreens and deciduous varieties. For those that have done earlier workshops on boxwoods and raft style junipers, now is a good time to take a look and begin to refine those trees.

Space for both of these sessions is limited and on a first call basis. Please call us at 818-343-4090 to register for your spot!


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