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Enroll for Mike Roberts' March 11th Boxwood Workshop!

Saturday, March 11th at 9am Mike Roberts will be leading a boxwood styling workshop at Kashinoki-en; Kimura Bonsai's new garden and learning center in Castaic.

Students will be working on 7-8 year old 3-gallon Boxwoods – these broadleaf evergreen pre-bonsai trees are noted for their small leaves, coarse bark and their ability to be trained into a majestic oak tree style. These trees are very popular because they can be styled as very beautiful medium sized trees (12”–18”) or as very large trees up to 36”. Medium sized trees can be developed fairly quickly into showable bonsai. Mike will help each participant with a 3 gal. pre-bonsai nursery specimen which will be repotted into a 12” grow box, he will then help make initial branch selections and rough wire into shape. Class includes tree, custom wooden training box, soil etc. Cost is $135. Space is limited, call (818) 343-4090 to reserve your spot!


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