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Double Trunk Foemina Juniper Workshop, June 10th

Michael Roberts' next workshop at will be Saturday June 10th from 9 -12.

Students will use 24”-30” (5-8 years old) Foemina Junipers to create a classic double trunk planting in an 8”x18” box.

Cost for the class is $200, and includes instruction, 2 trees, box, soil, and wire. Tools are provided for your use during class.

Following the morning class will be our afternoon “bring your own tree” workshop. Mid-June is the perfect time for candle pruning pines and cutting back deciduous trees. Students can bring trees they are developing, or purchase a pre-bonsai from the nursery. All BYOT classes are $30, and students may use tools and wire provided.

Space for these classes is limited so please call or email us to reserve your space ASAP!


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