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Catlin Elm Root Development Workshop, Saturday, April 8th

Call 818 343 4090 for reservations. Space is limited, so don’t delay! This month, Michael Roberts will focus on a technique for creating new surface roots (nebari) on 10 to 15-year-old Catlin Elms. He will demonstrate how to transform poorly developed roots and lower trunks into amazing trunks and nebari! Doing this work will create exhibition quality bonsai in just a few years, as the provided trees are well-advanced in trunk development, primary, secondary and even tertiary branching.

Class will consist of developing good surface roots by ground layering at the base of the trunk. Basic branch selection and step by step instruction on how to turn it into a show quality tree. Class includes partially-trained tree, rooting hormone, pot extension, soil and wire. Any tools for work to be performed will be provided.

Cost for class, provided tools, and all materials is $250.00

There are only 8 spots in total, so call 818 343-4090, or email to reserve your spot!

As always, BYOT workshops follow the morning sessions. This year, April is still a good time to repot many varieties and an ideal time to profile prune many varieties of junipers, deciduous and broadleaf evergreens. See you there!


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